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Sklugoo Speaks is a Podcast that combines elaborate and artistic sound production with thematic concerns ranging from off-the-cuff insight to slice-of-life pseudoscience.

Loved by progressive frogs (and people) everywhere.

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Summary When Sklugoo sings on sunshiny days he doesn’t do it like any old crazy frog, he does it properly, and he has a lovely voice.More

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Hi, my name is Sklugoo. I’ve been a frog since at least 2014 and I meditate. I have two disciples – both of them chickens and you’re welcome to join them as honorary student disciples.
(Yeah, don’t worry – this isn’t a cult.)

Robert C Day

This is Robert. He has other interests like becoming a World Famous Author but for now he’s helping me out with this podcast; when I can’t reach the microphone and stuff like that.
(Don’t worry – he’s mostly harmless.)

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